Let the Games Begin: Spit Fest 2016

Austin's Hip-hop and R&B infused spoken word competition is in its 11th year.

For everyone who wants to hear great words to inspire and change the world one poem at a time, mark your calendar for Austin’s beloved Spit Fest on Nov. 12. Infused with music of Hip-hop and R&B by the incredible DJ Offtop, Spit Fest is in its 11th year.

Spit Fest is a spoken word competition that showcases professional spoken word artists, who battle head-to-head.  This competition selects random judges that are not affiliated with the poetry community. The judges use flags to rate poets in order to excel to the next round of three. Winners and awarded with cash prizes.

For more than 14 years, the fest’s producer has been La-Love Robinson, a poet/spoken word performer who has toured and been a part of the Austin Slam/Poetry Community, which includes members of the Neo Soul Slam Team and Community. Robinson has competed in Women of The World Poetry Slam in Denver, CO, where she placed 12th of 72 poets.

When you leave you will be inspired, motivated and determined.

“The Spit Fest atmosphere is one of diversity, music, poetry and opens minds that transcends into a provoking thought process,” says Robinson. “When you leave you will be inspired, motivated and determined to make your own mark on this planet, whether it be by words on paper or active community service.”

The show is inspired by the National Poetry Slam that is hosted by many states in the U.S. In years past, the show has featured national poets, live music, a DJ and phenomenal guests, including host Zell Miller, who is a renowned playwright/poet/mentor/producer with the energy of the sun.  In 2014, Spit Fest was a feature of the Women of the World Poetry Slam in Austin.

Spit Fest this year welcomes co-producer John Crow and host Christopher Michael, of Killeen.  Michael is Austin’s Slam Champ of several years and is a successful touring poet, and Crow has been a vital part of the success of Austin and Killeen’s Slam/Poetry community, according to Robinson.

Vendors are welcome.  Donation of items for door prizes and promotion will be accommodated. It will be held at Mr. Catfish, which is also the hub of Neo Soul’s Poetry Lounge every Thursday night, started by Herman Mason of Southflavas Entertainment.

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Spit Fest 2016 happens on Saturday, Nov. 12, at 7 p.m. at Mr. Catfish & More. Cover is $10, and it’s $15 to compete.  First place award is $150, and second place receives $50. Door prizes will be given by local and statewide vendors.  Mr. Catfish serves food, beer, and wine and on this special night will allow B.Y.O.B.  Contact La-Love Robinson to sign-up to compete or for more information.


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