Storks Review

Fellow movie-goers: Cute movie, brings home several references about today’s society.

Ratings are based on 1 to 10 Reels

9 Plot: Great story, very cool messages.
8 Directing: Nicholas Stoller, Doug Sweetland do a fantastic job.
8 Acting: Wonderful voice actors, well done.
8 Cinematography: The annimation is awesome!!
9 Pacing: Never a dull moment, and the humor drifts all the way through it.

Here is the premise: Storks have moved on from delivering babies to packages. But when an order for a baby appears, the best delivery stork must scramble to fix the error by delivering the baby.

STORKS brings a lot of heart and humor to the world of baby delivery, while at the same time hammering home a few social issues. The main issue they tackle that may hit a little close to home for some people is the couple of the little boy who orders the baby; they are like a lot of couples today who let work schedules interfere with raising kids. This dilemma is delivered rather softly and is really cool how they actually resolve it; so kudos to the writers for including this as a side story. As the story goes, great job; it has humor that most kids would not get but the adults are left snickering, but there are plenty of kid jokes that will keep them amused as well.

The voice actors are awesome, and includes Andy Samberg, Katie Crown, Jennifer Aniston, Kelsey Grammer, Ty Burrell, Keegan-Michael Keel, Jordan Peele, and Danny Trejo; all do an awesome job. The animation is also fantastic and beautifully done. Take a Saturday, and take the kids to see STORKS, you will all love it; I highly recommend it.

Michael Trichel


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