Strays Review

Very funny and adult movie, crude and probably what every dog thinks about.
7 Plot: Awesome view inside the mind of a dog.
9 Acting: The whole cast were fantastic and hilarious.
8 Pacing: Kept the pace and the humor up the entire film
7 Cinematography: Good shots, did a great job making it look real.

Here’s the premise: An abandoned dog (Reggie, voiced by Will Ferrell) teams up with other strays to get revenge on his former owner.

First and foremost, I will warn you: THIS IS NOT A KID’S MOVIE!!! Now that I got that out of the way, this is a very funny movie and has very adult content in it. Writer Dan Perrault really dug in and got in the mind of a dog, everything he wrote from the dog’s perspective is exactly what you would imagine a dog saying, thinking, and doing. Dan did this is a humorous way, but if you watch dogs for very long, everything in the movie makes a lot of sense,

The cast is incredible, along with Will there is Isla Fisher as the love interest, Jamie Foxx and Randall Park as the Reggie’s new running buddies, Will Forte as the former owner, and many others as cameo dogs. This is not the first time we had live action animals with human voices in a movie, but this is the first time it has been in an adult fashion and rated R.

I also need to give props to the main stars, the animals and their trainers, they did a wonderful job, and parts of the movie you truly believe what you are seeing is real and that you get a secret view of what a dog’s life really is.

One more time, this is not a kid’s movie, but if you don’t mind crude humor, then go see this movie. I laughed a lot and that is why I am recommending this movie

Russell Lockhart


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