Stuber Review

wonderful surprise

Stuber is a take on an action comedy buddy movie with Dave Bautista, and kumail nanjiani, and as far as buddy cop movies go, it stood up against a lot of the classics for sure.

I loved everything about Stuber; its writing, its concept, the action, the comedy, the characters, everything is great and fires perfect on all cylinders. I would have never guessed Kumail nanjiani would be in an action movie but he actually pulled it off and was fantastic at it. While he definitely was the comedic relief, I thought Dave Bautista was just a little more than Kumail; more in the action for sure, but more in the comedic part as well. The action was engaging and fun.

I’m going to have to give ‘Stuber’ a 4/5 for just pure fun.

Ian Lockhart


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