The Fall Guy Review

So much fun, and so nostalgic for those who watched the show in the 80's.
9 Plot: Great story, fun and nostalgic
8 Acting: Great acting for all involved
7 Cinematography: The action scenes and fight screnes were awesome
7 Pacing: explosive from the onset

Here’s the premise:  Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling) is at the top of his game as a stuntman, and his love life with girlfriend Jody (Emily Blunt) is a dream come true, then a tragic accident makes Cole drop out of sight from everyone. Cole then gets a chance to reconnect with his job and former girlfriend when he gets an offer to return to the industry, but he must help find the missing actor he does stunts for.

In the early late 70’s and early 80’s, the life of stuntmen were featured on TV and in Movies; my favorites were Hooper with Burt Reynolds and The Fall guy with Lee Majors. When I heard about the remake, I prayed they would get the right person to take over the role that Lee had made iconic, and then I heard it was Ryan Gosling, I was very happy with the choice.

Ryan brings the swagger, macho-ness, and the good looks that we as near adults in the 80’s had with Burt and Lee, and Blunt does a great job as Jody, but I have never seen a bad role for Blunt truthfully. The rest of the cast delivers as well, and all of this makes for one heck of a fun time.

As always with remakes, I cringe, waiting for the moment that they screw it up by making it campy or totally rewriting the script to look nothing like the original, but I am happy to report that they did none of this. Director David Leitch and writers Drew Pierce and Glen A. Larson deliver a fantastic rendition that makes us feel oh so nostalgic and truefully, wanting more.

As far as I’m concerned, everything fired right to give us a fun, nostalgic, and explosive time, and wait during the credit to see a=some fun cameos. I highly recommend The Fall Guy, and also recommend you see it on the big screen for all of the explosive scenes.

Russell Lockhart


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