The Gentlemen Review

Fellow movie-goers: Witty dialogue, wonderful performances, one of Guy Ritchie’s best.

Here’s the premise:  It’s a battle of wits and grit as a drug lord, Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) sets out to sell his highly (pun intended) profitable business. While he has the offer on the table, he has his eye on one man, Matthew (Jeremy Strong) and courts him to take over his business. The story is being told to Pearson’s right hand man (Charlie Hunnam) by Fletcher (Hugh Grant) a very dirty detective, who wants to be paid handsomely for what he knows.

THE GENTLEMEN is Guy Ritchie at his best; it is fun, full of action and witty dialogue. Much like one of my Richie favorites, SNATCH, you have to pay attention because the dialogue as well as the action goes very fast. You might miss something if you do not fully engage, maybe it’s a funny come back, or maybe a little clue as to what is to come.

The cast is phenomenal, with classically cool McConaughhey leading the pack; he plays his part with ease and demands the attention when on screen. Hugh Grant surprised the hell out of me, in my opinion, this is one of his best roles; so juicy and funny, and since he is the storyteller, very much a pure drama queen.

Guy Richie’s choice of fast paced action and dialogue is what I love about him, and I really love the way he shoots his pictures, nothing is accidental, and you see clues, punchlines, and so much more if you pay attention.

I absolutely highly recommend THE GENTLEMEN, especially if you are a Guy Ri犀利士
tchie fan.

Russell Lockhart


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