The Lion King Review

Fellow movie-goers: Decent remake, but the original is still king of the jungle.
7 Plot: Nothing new, same story as the original.
5 Acting: Decent acting, but not emotional; no Disney magic.
6 Directing: I admire Favreau for the new look, but the movie falls short.
10 Cinematography: Best part of the movie, breathtaking
9 Pacing: Never dull, will keep everyone's attention.

Here’s the premise:  After the murder of his father, Simba, a young lion prince flees his kingdom only to learn the true meaning of responsibility and bravery.

It is very interesting how different a cartoon can feel from the exact story told in live action (or in this case, CGI.) The cute factor plays a little cuter, for instance the first time we meet Simba at the presentation ceremony, he looks like a real lion cub and that makes it more precious. The flip side is that this also makes intense scenes a little more intense, like with the hyenas when they about to devour Simba and Nala, this is a little scarier for little eyes than the original.

I will say, this version is absolutely breathtaking, from the animals to the scenery, all done so well; it is a pity they did not take the time to give that little extra touch Disney movies have, and that is magic. While I enjoyed the movie, there was something missing; it was the pure emotional magic that Disney is so good at giving us, it was almost like the parts were phoned in and they had no vested interest in the film. I still felt the emotions, but I think it was from knowing the story.

I admire Jon Favreau, as an actor and director, and he did a great job bringing the jungle and animals to life, but I really wish he had gone just a smidge farther; and this film would have been a true Disney classic.

Overall, it is worth seeing on the big screen, but go matinee, and remember, it may be a little too intense for the little bitty kids.

Russell Lockhart


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