The Mummy Review

Fellow movie-goers: This is one of those cases where I wanted to like it more than I did; this is more of a middle of the road movie.
6 Plot: Great storyline, but peters out halfway.
7 Acting: Cruise and Boutella shine, but the rest are cookie cutter characters.
5 Directing: Kurtzman does an ok job but middle of the road decisions deliver middle of the road results.
7 Cinematography: The shots were great, but some a bit worn out.
7 Pacing: Moves along nicely enough, you are never bored.

Here is the premise: An ancient princess (Sofia Boutella) who wanted power so much that she made a pact with dark forces; is awakened from her crypt beneath the desert. When she awakes, she begins to unleash her plan on the world again.

 I always enjoy Tom Cruise movies, he is the master of action movies, and his Mission Impossible movies have been highly successful. Cruise was possibly the best part of this movie, and even he was not as good as he should have been.

Let’s start with the story, which I enjoyed most of the way through the film. The story of the power hungry Princess was awesome, but it peters out about half way through the movie. They locked in the storyline so tight that there was no wriggle room in the plot and that made it pretty predictable.

As far as acting, most of the actors were forgettable, they were the same old worn out cookie cutter characters for a Mummy movie. Boutella does a decent job but becomes tiresome, Cruise stays solid through most of the film; the rest of the cast were meh.

The special effects were decent, although a lot of them were rip offs from other Mummy movies. I was hoping to see something different, otherwise there is no reason to remake a movie that has been done near perfect several times.

Overall, if you want to see THE MUMMY, go to a matinee; if you go see it for full price you might be disappointed.

Russell Lockhart


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