The Quiet place Part II Review

Fellow movie-goers: Intense from start to finish, fantastic sequel.

Here’s the premise: The follow up to the huge hit “THE QUIET PLACE” from 2018, this film follows the Abbott family as they have to leave their house and face the world, the aliens, and the desperate and dangerous people that the attacks have created.

I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed this movie, a sequel that is equal to or surpasses the original is rare, and this one definitely fits into that category. Director John Krasinski is a master at keeping the suspense, even though we know what the characters are facing after the first film. Krasinkski uses jump scares masterfully, and the camera angles that are used made me love this guy even more, I cannot wait to see what else he does.

The stars of the film are fantastic as well; let by the awesome Emily Blunt, and the equally as talented Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds who play the two older Abbott children. Add all that together, you have the making of a hit movie that will knock your socks off and leave you wanting another sequel.

I loved that they spent a little time explaining what happened at the beginning of the attacks, and then jumped straight into the aftereffects of the alien invasion; I also loved how each character gets their own story of struggles and triumphs that are played out in front of our eyes. Honestly, I loved everything about this film, and  it only took a couple of days for the feeling to come back in my arm after the white knuckle grip I had on the arm of my chair (and the death grip my wife had on my arm.)

I cannot recommend THE QUIET PLACE PART II enough, it was so well worth the wait and it MUST be seen in the theater for maximum enjoyment.

Russell Lockhart



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