The Willowbrook Review

Reminiscent of Hichcock.

Here’s the premise: A renowned health and wellness influencer invites one of her recently overdosed followers, Jordan, to seek recovery at her small town manor. Soon after, Jordan realizes the dark world existing within the manor is not the image she, nor millions of others perceived from the internet.

First time Director Zach Koepp said THE WILLOWBROOK is a movie for Influencers and Tik Tok users, I am neither but I love horror/suspense movies so I was really excited about seeing this movie and hoped that a new Director would bring a fresh feel to the genre.

The movie itself was really pretty good, although the dialog was not the greatest and some of the acting seemed a little forced, but none of this kept me from enjoying the movie. The Willowbrook has a creepy feel and is reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock with the storyline. I did feel like the main actress, Erin Day, did a really good job and Jessica Bishop as the evil influencer absolutely sent chills down my spine. One of the other wonderful things about the movie is the scenery, it’s a true dichotomy between the story and the beauty of the scenery, and the cinematography tells that story well.

Overall, if you can get over the little bit of the over-acting, THE WILLOWBROOK is worth a look.

Russell Lockhart



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