Therapy Dogs Review

Fellow movie-goers: A glimpse into today's youth, maybe more than I needed'
4 Plot: Been done before and better
6 Acting: The cast does a great job at pretending spontaneity.
8 Directing: Ethan Eng is awesome and pulls together a great ensemble movie.
7 Cinematography: Eng chooses some pretty cool shots and angles.
3 Pacing: Many times it is slow, sometimes painfully slow.

Here’s the premise:  Senior Ethan and his friend Justin set out to Chronicle the last year of high school on film. Along the way, they both learn more about each other as they push the boundaries to show how their generation lives, parties, and face the future.

While I enjoyed the movie, at a point I was really just bored, and maybe it is the adult in me, but I was just thinking “why the hell are they doing that? “Why aren’t they in jail? ” I was impressed by the fact the filmmaker is so young, I really just wanted more. Teenage angst movies are nothing new, and this movie brings nothing new to the table. I do think that lessons learned towards the end was a decent payoff, just not enough for me.

While I recommend the movie, I would say it is worth a watch on cable.

Russell Lockhart


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