Three Tips to Boost Your Confidence for Solo Travel in 2024

When I first heard “solo travel” it was an unfamiliar term. I always thought of travel as something you do with family or friends but never alone. The thought of traveling alone seemed terrifying to me, and a lot of negative thinking began to discourage me from even trying it.

I decided to learn more about solo travel and find out if this was something I could be brave enough to do. On the journey to conquer my fear of solo travel, there were three things that I started doing that not only helped me conquer my fear but also had a vital role in boosting my confidence for solo travel! 


1. Start doing fun activities alone  where you live

The thought of doing something alone can sometimes provoke a feeling of anxiety or fear. If it does, ease into it with a simple solo experience. This can be done by eating alone at your favorite restaurant or by going to a movie. Check to see what local events or festivals are happening in your city that you can have an amazing time at even if you go solo. Some examples may include a culture festival or a food festival.

2. Plan a solo day trip to a nearby city 

Once you have mastered doing fun solo things in your city, I recommend planning a solo day trip to a city nearby. My first solo day trip was to a mountain resort town about 2.5 hrs away from where I live. I was so nervous in the days leading up to the trip. To combat my nerves, I would say daily positive affirmations like, “I’m excited about this trip,” or “This trip is going to be fun!”. This may seem like a small thing to do, but it helped me to shift my mindset from negative to positive. When you plan your solo day trip, plan it as if you are a tourist on a daycation. You can find a new restaurant to try, go on a city tour, do a fun activity that is specific to that city, or spend the day at a spa.

3. Follow solo travelers on social media or join a solo travel group in your community

Find your community of people that are already doing what you want to do and learn from them. I googled “solo African-American female travelers” and found inspiring Black women traveling the world solo without fear and sharing their adventures. This was one of the most helpful things that I did. Finding your community can provide a sense of commonality, support, and encouragement.

Solo travel is more than just the courage to venture to new places, it’s about cherishing the moments of solitude, truly learning oneself, having time to reflect without distractions, and conquering your fears.

Stephanie, aka Sunny Days and Palm Trees, is a Wellness Travel Blogger based in San Diego, California. A foodie at heart and a hiking enthusiast, she finds joy in exploring new places and sharing her adventures. Join her on Instagram and check out her travel guides.


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