Venom Review

Fellow movie-goers: Venom is a fun movie and Tom Hardy is awesome.
8 Plot: Great origin story of Venom.
6 Acting: Hardy is awesome, most others are forgettable.
7 Directing: Director Ruben Fleischer does a great job giving us hope for Venom
8 Cinematography: Great special effects
8 Pacing: Drags a bit at the beginning, but picks up and goes full force.

Here’s the premise:  When Eddie Brock (Hardy) acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alter-ego “Venom” to save his life.

If Spiderman 3 left a bad taste of Venom in your mouth, you are not alone; I was very trepidations about seeing this film. The fact that Tom Hardy was in it eased my mind, and I am a big fan now.

This is a Venom origin movie, and boy did they do it right; they kept it light and funny most times, just like the comics. Hardy does a great job as loser Brock who has this being thrust upon him and has to deal with the consequences. Some of the funnier scenes are when Venom and Eddie are arguing over ways to handle situations.

I did like that you see there are good and bad symbiotes, and Venom is there to help Brock, this gives us site into why Venom wants to make choices Brock does not agree with.

The special effects are awesome, especially the transformation into Venom. My only big gripe is that most of the characters are pretty forgettable; Brock and Venom are the only memorable characters.

Russell Lockhart


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