#VIBETHIS: The Gospel According to Quentin Moore

I heard one songwriter say “He is the truth” and I believe they had Quentin Moore in mind. With a mix of soul, funk, and blues he delivers everything you need and more.

I can tell his roots are in gospel as he sprinkles in a few moans and hollers reminiscent of Sunday morning. The vibe at Austin’s hot new live music venue, Stay Gold, is one that will keep you dancing all the way home. Quentin gives us a taste of what tunes are on his “Jams” playlist by serenading us with popular hits from artists such as Maxwell and Al Green.

His true heart as a songwriter breaks through at the right moment, getting the crowd to become background vocals for his hit original song “That’s My Girl.” Traveling all the way from Dallas to bless the stage, Quentin Moore left a recent Los Angeles tour and has plans to tour Eastern Europe in a few weeks.

Do yourself a favor and purchase his latest album titled Black Privilege. You can thank me later. Just remember that Monae Miller told you to #vibethis.


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