We’re Not in Atlanta Anymore

Season 3 of FX Network’s critically acclaimed show, Atlanta, is set to premiere at the 2022 SXSW Film Festival. As part of the show’s promotions, an immersive pop-up experience titled “The Trip: An Atlanta Café”, will precede the premiere at Higher Ground on Congress Ave. 

Journey through what appears to be a normal café while enjoying coffee and European pastries, but keep your eyes open! What seems to be one thing may actually be something completely different. 

Set in Higher Ground, a popular new restaurant/bar located at 720 Congress Ave., this activation is transformed into an Amsterdam coffee shop, also known as a cannabis café. Prepare to use all 5 senses while exploring this 2-story artifice. Every turn, you’ll second guess what you just saw. 

Throughout the activation, you’ll see subtle hints and clues of what to expect in Season 3 of FX’s Atlanta, which, if you haven’t noticed by now, will not be taking place in the “A”, but in Europe. For guests who want to get the full experience, it’s “highly” suggested to arrive around 4:20 to experience even more multi-sensory installations disbursed throughout the venue. 

Atlnta returns for Season 3 on Thursday, March 24, at 10 p.m. ET with two new episodes.

“The Trip: An Atlanta Café” will be free and open to the general public, with SXSW badge holders having priority entrance, Saturday, March 12, and Sunday, March 13, 10am-5pm at 720 Congress Ave. Proof of vaccination is required or a negative COVID test obtained within 72-hours prior to entrance. Masks are required for entry.

“Taking place almost entirely in Europe, Season 3 finds “Earn” (Donald Glover), “Alfred ‘Paper Boi’ Miles” (Brian Tyree Henry), “Darius” (LaKeith Stanfield) and “Van” (Zazie Beetz) in the midst of a successful European tour, as the group navigates their new surroundings as outsiders, and struggle to adjust to the newfound success they had aspired to. Atlanta is executive produced by Donald Glover, Stephen Glover, Hiro Murai, Stefani Robinson, Paul Simms and Dianne McGunigle. Atlanta is produced by FX Productions.” Synopsis provided by BMF Media. 


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