What’s Cracking: A Review of Krack of Dawn Donuts & Cafe

Husband and wife owners DonRico and Shelenia.
Meshed between two commercial franchises, Krack Of Dawn Donuts keeps a steady stream of hungry customers coming through the doors seeking their fresh, handmade donut fix or a plate of the soon to be world famous Shrimp/Fish and Grits.

You will find parking is reasonable and DonRico Nelson or his wife Shelenia McKnight-Nelson are always smiling and affectionately greeting customers as they walk in. This Husband and Wife team has been unable to keep Round Rock’s ‘worst kept’ secret from getting out. KODD is well designed and takes advantage of limited space, by creating an ambience that is both intimate and accommodating. The flow of design forces you into a face to face confrontation with row after row of the best donuts this side of Donut Heaven. With a bit of prodding, Shelenia will share with you how she wakes up at the ‘Krack of Dawn’ (yes – pun intended) and prepares her confectionary delights by hand on a daily basis.

My wife, Nicole and I stick to our favorites when it comes to ordering at KODD. She orders the fried Fish and Grits and I go with the grilled Shrimp variation of the same. You can have either dish grilled or fried, we usually do a combination of both. I order mine ‘dirty’, I don’t know if that’s a real thing or not, but it seems to work.

The grits arrive creamy and light, savory, with bits of bacon tucked into folds of rich, buttery amazingness. The shrimp are plump and grilled to perfection, not chewy or tough, but succulent and come fully dressed with a wonderful blend of seasonings, scallions and a rich butter sauce. The catfish is never over-breaded, always well-seasoned, light, and fried to a tender crisp served on a creamy bed of savory grits. All of the entrees that feature grits, come with a choice of biscuits or toast, I definitely encourage you to go for the toast if you are looking to maintain your figure. If not – the biscuits with freshly made strawberry butter are the BOMB!

The Krack of Dawn tagline is “A southern breakfast affair.” Well, it’s all of that and even more! KODD is a family/veteran owned restaurants that not only offers donuts which are made fresh daily but also a southern breakfast. The menu also includes: biscuits & gravy ($9.99) / wings & grits ($12.99), shrimp & grits (fried or sauteed – $14.99), fish & grits (fried or sauteed – $13.99), pork chops & eggs ($12.99) and many more delectable southern style breakfast entrees to choose from. KODD also offers a heart healthy menu and a kids menu. The food is made fresh with consistent quality on each visit and the staff treats you with southern hospitality.

Krack of Dawn is located in Round Rock at 311 University Blvd and is open from 5a – 2pm daily. Visit their website or give them a call at 512.992.0376.

Lewis and Nicole Conway are partners in love and life – and in their quest for the best dining experiences in Austin. 

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