Yesterday Review

Fun movie with a heart for the Beatles, and their fans.
10 Plot: Fantastic script, original and fresh.
8 Acting: Everyone does a great job, the main couple have great chemistry.
8 Director Danny Boyle gives us a movie that is even better than Slumdogs Millionaire.
9 Pacing: Never dull, and delivers the heart and funny at the same time.

Here’s the premise:  A struggling singer/songwriter  realizes he’s the only person on Earth who can remember The Beatles after waking up in an alternate timeline where they never existed; he then passes their songs off as his own to gain fame.

An Absolutely fun movie with tons of Beatles references and songs to keep any Beatles fan cracking up throughout the film. What a great concept, imagining a world where the voice of a generation did not exist. Makes one wonder, as a songwriter, what would we do put in that same situation? That is the quandary of Jack Malik (played perfect by Himesh Patel) as he starts using all of the Beatles hits to further his career.

I was very pleased with the movie and all the inside jokes that went along with it, I loved the part when Ed Sheeran (playing himself) tells Jack to change the lyric to “Hey Dude” and it would be a bigger hit. This is a movie not afraid to poke fun at the music industry while keeping the Beatles as the “sacred cow” so to speak.

Fantastic writing, the script is original and fresh and I loved every aspect of it. The acting is great and Patel and Lily James play the couple in love with each other but “just friends” perfectly. Everything about this movie is perfect, especially the ending, which I will not reveal, but I was satisfied.

Michael Trichel


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