Queer Eye Casts it Eyes on the Austin Area

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Do you know someone in your life who could use some attention from the Fab 5? The popular Netflix show “Queer Eye” is seeking nominees in the Austin area.

“Specifically, we’re looking for deserving people, couples, families, friends and coworkers within a 90-minute radius of Austin who could truly benefit from a “make-better” from our Fab 5,” the casting company said in a press release.

The iconic Fab 5 consists of Tan France, who covers fashion, Jonathan Van Ness, who covers grooming, Antonie Porowski, who covers food, Bobby Berk, who covers interior design and Karamo Brown, who covers culture.

The show made it’s way to Netflix in February of 2018 and currently has four seasons.

“Whether you are thinking of your sibling, parent, spouse, colleague, or a dear friend, if you know a truly deserving person (or couple or small group of people) with a compelling story, we want to hear from you,” the press release stated.

Nominations must be submitted by email to qecasting@itv.com with the nominee’s name, photos and story. Here is the full detailed questionnaire that needs to be included in the email:

  • Full names and ages of both the nominator and the “hero”
  • Current city and state for both the nominator and the hero
  • Recent photos of both the nominator and hero
  • Phone number and email address of the nominator
  • Background information on how you know your hero
  • A brief description of your hero’s story. What is the hero’s current situation? What do they do for a living? Do they have children or a spouse?
  • How your hero could use help in the following categories: Food, fashion, culture, interior design and grooming.
  • Are there any important events coming up in your hero’s life that they need to prepare for?
  • Why it is important that your hero gets help from the Fab 5 now? What is at stake for them?
  • Links to social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for both the nominator and the hero

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