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Why Are You Still Here Man(ley)?

A lone police officer makes the decision that a black man no longer has the right to occupy any space on earth if he disapproves of his behavior. We see it time and time again. Not following orders fast enough? Boom! You’re gone.

Austin Walks the Talk: Black Lives Really Do Matter

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will,” Frederick Douglass spoke those words in 1857. Those same words are ringing loud and clear across the United States and the world in 2020.

Black Lives Matter in Austin

The country had not even caught its breath from the shocking death of Ahmaud Arbury when we found ourselves witnessing yet another daytime lynching of a black man on an American street.

Puff Puff – It Passed.

With a recent unanimous 9-0 City Council Vote, the City of Austin has essentially directed the Austin Police Department to end the enforcement of “low-level” marijuana possession offenses.


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