Colorful Theories: A Vibrant Palette of Conversation and Creativity

In the ever-evolving landscape of podcasts, there’s a new kid on the block, and she’s not just bringing you conversations—she’s coloring them too. Meet Amaka, the creative force behind the exciting new video podcast, Colorful Theories. As a culture writer who thrives on uncovering unique stories, I had the pleasure of delving into the world of Amaka and her innovative podcast that adds a splash of color to the art of conversation.

Amaka: A Creative Mind with a Colorful Vision

Amaka, a seasoned marketing professional in the media and entertainment realm for the past four years, has always been guided by a singular goal: to amplify the voices of talented artists, creators, and executives who produce exceptional work. Her journey led her to an intersection where professional passion met a personal love for understanding the intricacies of human thought. The result? “Colorful Theories,” a podcast that not only dives into the minds of creatives but does so while engaging in the soothing art of coloring.

More than anything, I love to understand why people think the way they do

When asked about the inspiration behind the podcast, Amaka shared, “More than anything, I love to understand why people think the way they do. So I wanted to create a show where I get to do that while doing one of my favorite pastimes, coloring!”

Coloring with Friends: The Unique Format

The podcast’s distinct format involves coloring with friends, turning what is typically a solitary activity into a shared experience. Amaka explains that coloring is her preferred method of practicing mindfulness and unplugging, but the addition of guests elevated the activity. “Coloring with my guests made the activity more fun, and I got to learn more about them in the process,” she added.

The choice to blend conversation with coloring isn’t just about having fun. Amaka hopes her audience will see her and her guests as companions to color and unplug with, offering a unique and intimate way to connect with talented creators.

Themes, Topics, and Spontaneity

“Colorful Theories” doesn’t follow a rigid structure. Instead, it’s more like a spontaneous and free-flowing conversation with a friend. Amaka envisions it feeling like a FaceTime call with a long-lost friend or a refreshing conversation with a kind stranger at a bar. This openness allows for genuine, unfiltered discussions that span a spectrum of topics.

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Guest Selection and Qualities

For Season One, Amaka handpicked guests she had worked with in the past and admired personally. She shared the criteria for selecting those guests. “I look for people that have a consistent track record of putting out quality work, and then I pick their brains about their projects but also about how they view the world and themselves as people,” Amaka explained.

Artistic Styles and Future Plans

When it comes to the artistic side of the podcast, Amaka enjoys coloring simple patterns with varying color palettes. Season One featured the viral TikTok sensation, the Satisfying Patterns coloring book. Looking ahead, Amaka plans to showcase different art styles by collaborating with various coloring book illustrators in future seasons.

Dream Guests and Future Aspirations

Amaka’s dream lineup for “Colorful Theories” includes Monaleo, Halimotu Shokunbi, and Rachie Jackson—individuals she admires for their contributions to the creative realm. Looking ahead, she envisions Season Two expanding its horizons, partnering with podcast distributors, home and living brands, fragrance brands, coloring book illustrators, and even more creators to make it bigger and better.

To catch the vibrant conversations and colorful creations, follow “Colorful Theories” on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Amaka’s vision for the podcast is as diverse and engaging as the colors she uses, promising a journey into creativity, mindfulness, and the fascinating minds of her talented guests. As we eagerly await Season Two, “Colorful Theories” stands as a testament to the kaleidoscope of stories waiting to be explored.


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