This Ain’t Texas: Introducing soulciti’s New Travel Column

As soulciti celebrates its 25 years of being The People’s Information Source, we’re branching out to new things and bringing you, our soulmates, more of what interests you. With that, we’re very excited to introduce our new travel column, which will feature travel destinations in and outside of Texas. 

While sharing local news and events will always be our number one priority and focus, we’re also quite aware that we Austinites are interested in more than just the state of Texas (see what I did there). So beginning this month, we’ll have staff as well as guest writers giving us their firsthand experiences with staycations, road trips, domestic and international travel, camping, festivals, you name it!

If there are destinations or events you’re interested in reading about, don’t hesitate to let us know. As for now, please enjoy our first article, Alexandria, VA: The Intentionally Black Travel Guide.


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