Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life Review

Fellow movie-goers: Fun family movie, great for preteen and younger teens.

Ratings are based on 1 to 10 Reels

8 Plot: Great story, well written and touching.
7 Directing: Steve Carr does a great job, but too close to Diary of a wimpy kid.
8 Acting: The kids are awesome and shows a good range of emotions.
7 Cinematography: Great mix of cartoons and real life is a good move.
8 Pacing: Moved really well, never boring or bogged down.

Here is the premise: Budding artist Rafe Katchadorian is at a new middle school after being kicked out of a couple of other middle schools, he and his friend finds themselves in a middle school jail where the principle has rules for everything, taking the fun out of being a kid. Tired of his middle school’s obsession with the rules at the expense of any and all creativity, Rafe and his best friend have come up with a plan: break every single rule in the school and let the students run wild.

Based on the book by the same name and written by James Patterson, Middle school: the worst years of my life is a very sweet, funny, and moving movie of how it feels to be in a new place and not fitting in. Griffin Gluck, who plays the main character Rafe, is awesome and carries the film for the most part; and Alexa Nisenson, who plays his sister, is also fantastic and is very funny and quite good in her delivery. Rob Riggle is laugh out loud funny as usual as the new soon to be step father who is a huge jerk.

The fell of the movie reminds me of Diary of a wimpy kid, with a little bit of an old John Cusack movie called One crazy summer thrown in. the writing is good and will really connect with the young teens and adults alike, and the humor will make you laugh. I really enjoyed how (and this reminds me of One crazy summer) the characters that Rafe creates comes to life in Rafe’s imagination, to solve issues he is going through.

This is a good movie to take the family to and everyone will have a good time.

Michael trichel


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