Is it possible to cheat, but not be a “cheater?”: Insecure Recap: S2 Ep2

Welcome Back Couch Cupcakes!

So Sunday night’s Insecure picked up exactly where last week’s ended, with lots and lots of questions about the possibility of a reunited Issa and Lawrence situation. As the episode progressed, we see that dream  has gone up in flames as Lawrence isn’t returning her calls and seems unavailable.

The episode was loaded with thought provoking moments; from Molly’s life changing therapy session (seriously who doesn’t  obsess over what should happen?) to the big question of the night: Is it possible to cheat, but not be a “cheater” What’s the distinction?

Once again Regina Hall’s ongoing Over the Drama TV show proved to be a hilarious running joke with guest star Scott Foley. The moment that really got me thinking this week was the interaction between Issa and her problematic co worker Frieda. Check out the video for some strong opinions on love, finding yourself and letting your co workers know what’s up!

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