Quitters Review

Ratings are based on 1 to 10 Reels

7 Plot-Awesome story but very depressing
9 Directing-For the most part, the story gets the point across
10 Acting-Everyone does a bang up job
10 Cinematography-Loved the camera shots.
6 Pacing-Not so much, quite a few areas when it dragged

Fellow movie-goers: Loved the script and the acting, but there are not many redeeming characters.

Here’s the premise: Clark Rayman (Konigsberg), the teenage son of a well-to-do San Francisco couple, he emotionally distances himself from his parents after his mood-swinging mom (Mira Sorvino) crashes her car into a tree and is sent to rehab to recover from prescription-pill misuse. After too many clashes with his (Greg Germann), Clark decides it might be good idea to live anywhere but home, so he pretends to be in love with Natalia (Morgan Turner) so he can move into her family’s house.

While I loved the story, and the entire cast did a bang up job; I still walked away unsatisfied. My problem is there were really no character I could cling to and root for, just a group of unsavory people that I wouldn’t want in my life for any period of time. It would be one thing if you had a teenager that you can identify with whose home life stinks so bad that they search for a new family; but there was nothing good about this kid either. Early on when his friend turned him down for them being more intimate, he stops being her friend. I walked away feeling like I needed a shower and therapy. If you are looking for a happy film, this is not for you; if you want to walk away either depressed or being thankful for your small problems in your life, then go see it.


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