Us Review

Fantastic thriller

So I have to start off by addressing how good a director/writer Jordan peele is; it takes directors a couple movies to get big and well known, but it only took one movie for Jordan peele to become a household name.
Now besides the family behind me being really annoying this movie was absolutely amazing.

US, in the beginning is about a family who goes on vacation but gets terrorized by a family who looks exactly like them. It’s a fantastic mystery to see unravel. So, as the movie progresses you see more and more of the bigger picture. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say horror movies now days has me leaving the theater unsatisfied; one because there’s always something missing and two they are always so formulaic. I have waited a while for someone that would come along and basically reinvent the horror genre… and I think he has arrived and his name is Jordan Peele.

The movie is a thriller but as time progresses it feels like a thriller slasher then it feels like a thriller chase movie. It’s so good that the genre switch seems, well, seamless. With most movies, when you interject comedy into a horror movie, it hardly ever works, but with Jordan Peele, it works without compromising the story or the horror aspect. I think t犀利士
hat Jordan Peele is like the new M. night Shyamalan but like the early years m. Night (sixth sense, unbreakable, signs).

I’m most definitely giving this a 5/5 Jordan Peele is becoming the new face for horror/thriller movies. The movie was so on the edge of your seat intense it’s worth watching and then buying on Blu-ray.


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