20,000 Blerds Descending on Austin for Dream Con 2023

Austin is about to get a whole lot better as the city welcomes Dream Con, a citywide anime and gaming convention hosted by Real Dreamers Change the World (RDCWorld), from Friday, July 28 to Sunday, July 30, 2023. With over 11 million followers on various social media platforms, RDCWorld has created a convention that brings together like-minded individuals to celebrate their love for pop culture, comics, art, cosplay, music, and much more.

Dream Con, a Black-owned organization, is committed to inclusivity and provides a safe space for creators of all backgrounds, especially people of color, to express themselves freely. Their message is clear: dreams can change the world, and Dream Con aims to make a powerful impact in the community and across the country.

Dream Con in Austin just makes sense for us for so many reasons

With the RDCWorld team living in Austin, the move to bring Dream Con to Austin marks a new chapter in their efforts to forge better ties with the community. “Dream Con in Austin just makes sense for us for so many reasons,” says Dream Con’s Chief Operating Officer, Jonathan Newton. He continues, “Dream Con is committed to inclusivity and that aligns perfectly with the creative spirit of Austin.”

The convention will be held at the Austin Convention Center and Hilton Austin, promising endless entertainment and networking opportunities for attendees throughout the entire weekend. Some of the highlights include a traditional exhibit hall, gaming hall, industry panels, meet & greets with prominent creators, and exhilarating concerts. The event will also feature staple attractions such as exclusive guest creator panels, All-Star Smash Bros. and gaming tournaments, a cosplay contest & runway, video premieres, and a charity Dodgeball Tournament & free play.

Dream Con’s growth has been impressive, with attendance skyrocketing from 6,000 in 2022 to a staggering 20,000 projected attendees for the upcoming convention in 2023. The demand for tickets was so high that weekend badges sold out within 10 minutes of release. But fear not for those who missed out; day passes will be available each day of the convention for local fans eager to join the excitement.

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One of the most significant announcements leading up to Dream Con 2023 is the partnership with Nintendo. Known for its significant role in previous conventions, Nintendo will be a proud sponsor this year, adding to the allure of the convention. The highly anticipated “All-Star Super Smash Bros. Tournament” will return, and in addition to that, Dream Con has included Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon 3 in the programming schedule. Nintendo’s commitment to diversity is also highlighted through its Employee Resource Group, “Black at Nintendo Dialogue” (B@ND), which champions inclusivity through community outreach and talent acquisition.

Dream Con’s journey began in Waco, Tx in 2018 when RDCWorld decided to create a new convention experience after facing repeated rejections as guests at other popular anime and gaming conventions. Since then, the convention has made significant strides, garnering notable press coverage from over 40 media outlets, including Fox, NBC, and ABC. Moreover, with the support of over 20 sponsors, including prominent names like Pizza Hut, House of Highlights, Hulu, Disney, and Funimation, Dream Con has continued to flourish.

With Dream Con’s continued growth and its exciting partnerships with Nintendo and Twitch, the convention is set to be a must-attend event for anime and gaming enthusiasts in 2023. Get ready for an unforgettable weekend filled with dreams, community, and endless entertainment in the heart of Austin.

For more information about Dream Con 2023 or to get in touch with the organizers, visit their website . You can also find Dream Con on all  social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Twitch.


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