When Black, Grown and Sexy Meets Camping: Urban Camp Weekend

They say Black people don’t camp. Obviously, they haven’t been to Urban Camp Weekend.

Now, yes, traditionally, outdoor enthusiast’s demographics in the U.S. are mostly White. Some suggest that is because minorities overall may not be as economically willing to spend money on expensive camping gear or that camping is just not an activity promoted during their childhood.

However, Kevin Knight, founder of Urban Camp Weekend, is shaking that up in the Central Texas area.

It’s Black Folk Gone Camping

Urban Camp Weekend is a camping experience for mature and professional adults to relax, bond, network and have fun.

Knight started Urban Camp Weekend in 2012. He was inspired by a camping trip he took with a group of friends and wanted others to enjoy this type of bonding experience with fellow, like-minded Black people. At first, the event was an annual June occurrence, but the high demand led to an additional event being added in 2015 on Halloween weekend.

Urban Camp Weekend is held at Mountain Breeze Campground in New Braunfels, and the event includes a full agenda of games, sports, happy hours, river-floating, shows, parties and, of course, camping.

Who Goes, For Real?

Attendance is usually from 500-700 people, and it increases every year. Camp-goers’ are usually about 90 percent Black and 10 percent other races, and ages range from 28-50. Attendees are mostly singles, but couples do come and are welcome. Since many attendees are Black professionals, networking is a big reason people come to the event.

Urban Camp Weekend also gives folks who are tired of the club and bar scene a chance to try something different. Want to see what past events were looking like? Check out the Facebook page.

Don’t Worry If It’s Your First Time

Almost 95 percent of attendees say they have never camped, and Urban Camp Weekend is their first time. There’s no need to be concerned about not knowing what to buy or bring. The Urban Camp Weekend site has a helpful list for first-timers. Also, many of the veteran attendees are happy to help newbies out.

Ready to Go?

Urban Camp Weekend: Fallout is October 27-29 at Mountain Breeze Campground in New Braunfels. See the full agenda here and grab your tickets before they’re gone.




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