A bit like Goosebumps, but not as good.
5 Plot: Good but could be better
9 Acting: The whole cast were fantastic.
7 Pacing: slow at first but watchable.
7 Cinematography: Great job, camera shots gave the creepy factor a push.

Here’s the premise:  Mike, a troubled security guard begins working at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza so he can take care of his sister. The job turns sinister as strange things happen and animatronics come to life; all of this while Mike wrestles with the past in his dreams and soon finds out the two may be connected.

When I first heard about Five nights at Freddy’s and saw the trailer, I was ready for a very scary movie; but my son informed me this is based on a kid’s video game so I figured it would be missing the scare factor. Watching the movie, it brought back memories of me reading and then later watching Goosebumps; creepy and a bit scary for the teenage minds and a little fun for the adults as well, it also harkens back memories of the shows Night Gallery and Twilight Zone from my youth.

Overall the movie was pretty decent, great Actors that I have loved over the years (Josh Hutcherson, Matthew Lillard, and Mary Stuart Masterson) did a terrific job, as well as Piper Rubio, who was awesome as the troubled little sister. The setting is creepy, who hasn’t dreamed or had nightmares of staying in a place like this and the animatronics come to life?The story itself was good but could have been great; a lot of missed opportunities in writing could have made the movie a lot better. One point of this is the “big reveal” towards the end, it was seen 10 miles away; maybe this is good for younger viewers but why not challenge them at an early age by making the surprise a good one and really a surprise?

Even with the lame reveal and the lack of scariness, I still enjoyed the movie.

Russell Lockhart



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