Hubbled Vision is Pioneering Creativity, Community, and Tech in Austin with AfroVision

In the vibrant heart of Austin, a cultural renaissance is underway, and leading the charge is the remarkable collective known as Hubbled Vision. As anticipation mounts for their upcoming AfroTech event, Afro Vision, set to grace the RichesArt Gallery on November 3, 2023, we invite you to explore the origin, vision, and driving force behind this creative endeavor, led by John-Mathew “J.M.” Blay-Tofey

Hubbled Vision: A Beacon of Creativity

Hubbled Vision is not your typical arts organization. It proudly identifies as a creative art satellite, transcending conventional boundaries and embracing every conceivable artistic and creative medium. And, as J.M. proudly attests, “We’re Black-owned but have built a community of all respective cultures,” embodying the spirit of inclusivity.

At the heart of Hubbled Vision’s mission is a purpose transcending mere creativity. Their satellite aims to unearth and illuminate artists, both local and international, weaving narratives that transcend the confines of their craft. Their platform serves as an inviting stage for artists to express their unique stories and perspectives through a variety of creative forms.

The Birth of Hubbled Vision and Its Visionary Team

Hubble Vision Founder and Creative Director John-Mathew Blay-Tofey

Meet J.M., the passionate founder of Hubbled Vision, born and raised in Austin, Texas, with roots tracing back to West Africa. A product of a rich Ghanaian heritage, J.M.’s upbringing was steeped in culture, and it’s that heritage that has shaped his creative journey. After graduating from Connally High School, he furthered his education at St. Edwards University, where he pursued a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, all while honing his skills on the soccer field.

In the five years following his graduation, J.M. immersed himself in numerous creative circles, collaborating on countless projects, and events, and forging connections with forward-thinking individuals. By the summer of 2020, he was ready to turn his vision into reality. On June 28th, 2020, Hubbled Vision was born, fueled by a profound love for the creative process and the people behind it.

J.M. envisioned an organization that would amplify and share the stories of every creative universe. Hubbled Vision’s modus operandi includes collaborating with various forms of artistry and thought, curating unique spaces for all to attend, and hosting local playlists and live music events.

A Glimpse at Recent Milestones

The last year has seen Hubbled Vision achieve remarkable milestones, gaining recognition and influence in the creative scene. They’ve been a part of prestigious events such as South by Southwest (SXSW) and AfroTech and have graced the stages of various festivals. The organization has also established several residencies, including those at Oseyo, Native Hostel, and Soho House. Adding to their laurels, they proudly accepted a grant from Austin’s Economic Development Department.

Community is crucial,” emphasizes J.M., “but it shouldn’t overshadow your own values and morals at any level

Throughout their journey, Hubbled Vision has recognized the importance of community. “Community is crucial,” emphasizes J.M., “but it shouldn’t overshadow your own values and morals at any level.” They’ve given back to the city of Austin by being a bastion of creative freedom, empowering and supporting countless creatives working diligently in the field.

The Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, J.M. envisions Hubbled Vision charting new territories of creative exploration and appreciation. He envisages the organization possibly having a planet of its own, where it can serve as a hub for all creative mediums and individuals. Hubbled Vision’s unwavering commitment to amplifying creative voices suggests an exciting future filled with opportunities and innovation.

AfroVision: Where Art, Technology, and Culture Converge

Don’t miss the highlight of the year—the “AfroVision” event on November 3, 2023, from 8 pm to 2 am at the RichesArt Gallery. The choice of AfroTech as the event’s theme is significant, as it resonates with J.M.’s African heritage and his extensive experience in the tech world. “Well, I’m African, hahaha,” he remarks, “but other than that, I’ve been in the tech space for a while now, and I’ve been fortunate to see and learn the balance needed to enjoy your work while expressing yourself in a plethora of new ways. For me, as much as it is important to highlight all creatives, it’s even more important to highlight black creatives, especially in a city like Austin.”

What can attendees expect at “Afro Vision”? A sensory journey through art, music, food infused with the flavors of seasoning, and a diverse gathering of creatives from all walks of life. It’s a welcoming community of doers who share a deep passion for unique expressions of art.

J.M. guarantees that “Afro Vision” will be an event. With an extraordinary lineup featuring performers such as Andi K and Blvck Svm, and globally renowned DJs like Nayiram, it promises a unique and unforgettable experience that will resonate with everyone who attends.

As the event approaches, it’s an opportunity to join this inspiring journey that champions diverse voices and unique expressions. Take the chance to be a part of this transformative night at the RichesArt Gallery. Hubbled Vision, with J.M. at its helm, is poised to redefine how we experience art and culture in Austin and beyond.


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