Alta Alexander: Soaring to New Altatudes

“Fit and Flair.”

Those words embody the style Alta Alexander recalls her grandmother reflecting during her childhood, as well as the personal style she has grown into. The owner of Altatudes, a new upscale fashion boutique on Austin’s Eastside, desires for her customers to discover confidence in their own personal style when they wear the pieces she offers. While the name of the shop is a clever play on her first name, it also refers to “altitude,” an upward trajectory toward one’s personal heights. Her goal of inspiring others to reach up and out is rooted in the boutique’s tag line, “an exalted state of style.”

Altatudes owner Alta Alexander. Photo by Dwayne Hill Photography.

“I want people to put on a piece and feel transformed, elevated,” she says. The clothing and jewelry in Altatudes display a classy combination of modern, contemporary styles with a vintage flair. Alexander has long had an affinity for traditional tailoring and classic design with room for a personal modern touch. This commitment to appreciating the old while embracing the new is reflected in every aspect of the boutique, including the décor and furnishings. Antique chairs from her husband’s godmother’s estate are right at home next to a contemporary sofa in the center of the shop.

A chance and a champion

Alexander recalls the surprising way she learned that her dream of intertwining fashion and community was actually coming true. Her husband, Lamont Alexander, a successful businessman/investor, invited her to look at a location he had secured for a local barber. After opening the door to an adjacent space, she immediately saw the potential in the spot and began to think of how the barber might expand. Her husband casually said, “No, actually this is where my wife’s boutique will be.” After the shock and tears of what her partner said wore off, Alexander jumped into action and has not looked back since. The result of her hard work and planning has resulted in a boutique that she exclaims, “is exactly the way I imagined it would be!”

More than retail

Alexander is aware of the significance of a Black-owned business being located in the heart of East Austin, where many of the historically black-owned places have been replaced. She welcomes native Austinites to come and visit her and treat themselves to some of her carefully selected, unique items, most of which are ordered in very limited quantity to ensure a feeling of authenticity.

While most items are only available for a season, Alexander has discovered the demand for her collection of women’s empowerment t-shirts, which are popular due to their affordable price, positive messaging, and feminine fit. These, she has committed to make more widely available.

Altatudes is more than a retail outlet. It is the realization of a dream that aspires to includes others, exponentially. Alexander is an active and committed member of the Austin community and she hopes that the success of Altatudes will enable her to do even more to help the less fortunate and less hopeful. Before she even opened her doors, she offered the shop as a location for a school supply drive and collection point for Harvey relief. She looks forward to leading even more charitable efforts toward the community that she is now proud to be a part of.

Stop by Altatudes real soon, and welcome our sister to the community. Altatudes, with its exalted state of style, is waiting to see you!

Altatudes is located in the heart of east Austin at 1717 East 12th Street and can be reached by at 512.761.4292 or online. 



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