Omarosa Still Can’t Come to The Cookout

I’m sorry for not updating this page in a minute. SoShaydee took her Black arse to Cabo and was acting like I wasn’t used to nothing in them people’s all-inclusive.

Part of me wanted to talk about Omarosa and part of me didn’t, so I stayed away from this story for a minute. But errytime I turn on my t.v., it’s about her…when I go to my Twitter, she trending. And #POTUS been attacking her and calling her all kinds of dogs and sheeit. I don’t feel bad for Omarosa – you can’t get mad if you play with a snake and get bit…after all, it IS a snake — but #Trump has a pattern of horrible language toward Black people and Black women in particular.

I ain’t forgot that he called Black NFL players sons of “B” words. What’s with him and equating Black women as dogs? But holding up his own third wife (or is it fourth, I forget) as some standard of beauty and everybody knows what’s under her clothes. No mystery. I just need Trump supporters to stop acting like he is not racist. Of course he has said the N word on tape. That’s why Sarah Huckabee Sanders couldn’t answer the question.

I’m just waiting on Omarosa to sell herself out to the highest bidder so she can release it. She still can’t come to the barbecue and her Black card is STILL revoked though. We ain’t forgot that in addition to making a deal with the devil to be the Director of The African Americans, she killed Green Mile.#Omarosa


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