Mary J. Blige invites Hillary Clinton to the Dancerie and It’s Very Awkward

Now before I bring the shade, let me just say, I love me some downtrodden heartbroken hopeless Mary J. Blige.

The happy everything is alright Mary J? Not so much. I missed the debate so had to watch it on DVR. I wondered why the DVR kept going after the shaking of hands at the end but was busy so I didn’t stop it. And then I saw Mary J Blige and Hillary Clinton sitting down, touted as a one-on-one between the two ladies. My first thought was Why? And then my second thought was “where is the lady that is going to interview them both?” And then my third thought was “damn SNL be making up these skits quick.”

And then Mary started sanging a song that she or somebody’s mama obviously made up. And the thing is, she appeared to be reading the lyrics on her tablet. It went something like “Black Men please be polite..keep your hand in your pockets…this is your life..Mama said there’d be days like this..Mama Say Mama Sah Mumockoo Sah..”

And Hillary Clinton was sitting their STRAIGHT-FACED.

I swear I kept waiting for the punch line…and Mary J was for real sangin’ this jingle in the worse pair of eyewear I have ever seen. Hillary sat there barely noddin’ and I think at one point grabbed Mary’s hand and told her “I know what its like..wanna sang and have the song beat outcha…you see I was Bill’s lover and a seck-a-tary too..” And then my DVR went off. Thankfully.

I swear I thought this was a damn joke or the effects of those pain pills I been taking, so I posted about it and come to find out…this interview is real and is gonna happen September 30th.

Now I’m not going to watch it because I am trying to secure my seat in heaven and vote for Hillary with a clear mind. But y’all if you tune into that utter foolishness, please let me know the real deal. Cuz there’s gotta be a punchline in there somewhere.

And I’m trying to not be too hard on MJB because her husband, Kendu done ran out on her & trying to take a right smart of her coins with him. I get it..she ain’t in her right mind. I guess I am just surprised that Hillary agreed to this sheeit. Where her people? Her campaign manager? Bill? She already got the Black vote sewn up…don’t do something to make some of us vote Independent! #MaryJBlige #MJB #Hillary #ImWithHer#ButDamnThisSomeMess #Clinton


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