Proven Under Pressure: Vincent Harding Joins District One Race

Photo by Weston Carls.
As one of a growing list of candidates vying for the District 1 City Council slot in November, Vincent Harding is clear about what sets him apart from the pack: experience and already having proven himself under pressure.

The former (and youngest) chair of the Travis County Democratic Party has confidence in the skills and experience he has gained as an attorney, local board official and party chairman.

We had the highest voter registration in the city’s history

As an attorney, “I represented public entities and advised elected officials what they could and couldn’t do,” Harding explained to soulciti in a recent interview. His former chairmanship of the City of Austin Board of Adjustment makes him  the only District 1 candidate who has served on a City board. As chair of the TCDP, “We had the highest voter registration in the city’s history. I was also able to persuade institutions to do things they have never done before,” he said, referring to the engagement of the local Democratic party he facilitated around the issues of criminal justice, immigration and policing.

Harding emphasized that he was no stranger to pressure. As the first in his family to graduate from college, he understood the family history he was making in his endeavors. Not stopping there, he went on to graduate from UT Law School, the most competitive in the state. From there, on to several significant “firsts” and “youngests” that he hopes will prove not only the mettle that is the key to his success, but his unwavering faith in God to help him meet every challenge that comes as part of his mission to make things better for his community.

Harding and his his law school sweetheart Meagan. Photo by Tamra Gibson.

Harding has an ambitious vision for his work on the Council. He plans to push for using more smart technology to improve various aspects of transportation, including the proper timing of traffic lights and traffic flow in general. He has his eye on various ways to make using public transportation more efficient and attractive for those already dependent on it and those the City hopes to entice out of their vehicles for their daily transport needs.

All Hands on Deck

Harding acknowledge the importance of addressing the affordable housing crisis in Austin. He supports the $250 million affordable housing bond and, if passed, plans to weigh in how the bond is leveraged. He believes the current development code should be adjusted to stem displacement and looks forward to helping public and non-profit entities work together to help more Austinites stay in their homes.

Harding’s campaign slogan is “All Hands on Deck.” Feeling the pressure to be the council member who is more action than talk, Harding is convinced that creating a broad coalition of supporters is where the work of meeting the very real challenges Austin faces begins. He is ready to begin on Day One.

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