So Shaydee: Let’s Talk About #PeePeeGate

Because I believe in “balanced” shade. Russia has spoken out on the “incriminating information” it allegedly has on Trump. Of course, they are denying it, just like they denied tampering with the U.S. elections.

I am still convinced that Trump is Putin’s bytch and nothing is going to change my mind about that. Now does he like to be peed on by prostitutes? Is that why he is that weird shade of orangey-yellow?

I don’t really know but the sad part is that even if it is complete fabrication, based on what we know about this man’s character, his past shadiness, and words from his own damn mouth about grabbing women in their crotches, it is TOTALLY believable. That is the sad part.

The other sad part is if this is truly a “fake news story” and a “hoax” put in place by parties called “4Chan”….I’m more upset that they could prank our intelligence agencies than CNN & social media grabbing hold of it, and if it is a prank, 4 Chan should be prosecuted.

That all said, the 5 year old in me happily participated in the “golden showers” hashtag all up & through Twitter. Did. For YEARS, the President-Elect carried on about that birther issue (fake), so this is payback for the PEE-OTUS. See what I did there? #Trump #GoldenShowers #GoldenShowersGate


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