So Shaydee Reviews When the Bough Breaks

First off, can you and I just talk for a minute on how Morris Chestnut is STILL fine as an ol’ aged Malbec?  And I’m not even sure if you supposed to AGE Malbec, but “that thane” is 55 kinds of fine!  There…now that THAT is out of the way we can talk about the movie.

Now I don’t want to give too much away in case somebody reads this..and just in case (cause y’all know I can’t hold water in a cement bucket with a top on it), I’ll go ahead and say “spoiler ahead….” even though I will try not to give anything away.

Truthfully, if you are like me, you’ve seen some version of this movie whether it was on Lifetime (Surrogate) or the big screen (Obsessed, Hand That Rocks The Cradle) but you haven’t seen it with Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall.  I was a little bit worried about Regina Hall in the lead for this movie because I “know” her as a comedic actress.  Would she be believable in this serious role and pull it off?  Well, let me put your mind at ease.  She does….in a major way.  I thought she was great.  Morris was great obviously because when is he not as the hot guy that everybody wants?  And he still looks great half naked which is a definite plus.  I swear he must be drinking the blood of 10 virgins or something because he is aging backwards.

But back to the movie (Morris old fine arse keeps distracting me).  The young actress who plays the surrogate (Jaz Sinclair) also does a great job of playing crazy.  The acting was pretty stellar with a solid cast of characters, even if you think you can predict the storyline.  Which I guess you can to some degree.  Successful couple cannot have children of their own as the wife has suffered miscarriages….intimacy is lacking as a result….down to one last frozen egg and need to find a surrogate.  Surrogate becomes pregnant.  Surrogate wants husband.  Surrogate pulls out all the stops to get the husband but the pesky wife is in the way.

There is a real twist to this movie though that I didn’t see coming (and you won’t either).  I won’t spoil it for you.  I’ll just say it’s definitely worth spending a couple of your coins to go see….if just for that fine eye candy Morris Chestnut.  Suspenseful and engaging….it didn’t even make me look at my watch.  That often LOL.  It is also set in New Orleans which is a nice twist for a movie.


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