The Northman Review

Fellow Movie lovers: Brutal, but entertaining film about Vikings.
7 Plot: Great story that unfolds between the violence.
10 Acting: Entire cast is great but Skargard leads with confidence.
8 Directing: Kudos to Robert Eggers for not pulling punches.
9 Cinematography: Battle scenes are masterfully done.
9 Pacing: Not a dull moment.

Here’s the premise: A young Viking prince vows his life to avenge the death of his father, we see him grow and follow all of the clues to find the evil people who took his father’s life and stole his childhood.

WOW!!!! What a ride; brutal for sure but such a great story that was told, and the way it was told will leave you on the edge of your seat. Being about Vikings, Director  Writer Robert Eggers chose not to tow the line and to show the brutality of the group, showing that no-one was safe. Although the trailer leads one to believe there is fighting throughout the movie, there are lulls in the fighting and an actual storyline emerges. I really like how the story unfolded, but the surprise towards the end was rather obvious.

The entire cast does a great job, although there are several that I wished were used a lot more; but this movie is an Alexander Skarsgard film and he leads it with gusto and confidence all the way to the bloody end.

I absolutely loved the cinematography, the fight scenes were beautifully done, like a dance of the dead; I was very impressed with that. I will say, this film is NOT for everyone, if you have a problem with violence, do not see this film. If you loved The Game of thrones, you will like THE NORTHMAN.

Russell Lockhart




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