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Don’t Sleep on Black Panther; Stay Woke and Get to the Theater

#NOSpoilers but y’all need to go see Black Panther. First y’all need to understand that I am so not into comic books or superheros generally. I loved the old Superman movies with Christopher Reeves (dating myself) and the Wonder Woman t.v. show (Lynda Carter).

Quincy Jones Leaving No Tea Unspilled

I swear Quincy Jones arse musta got confirmation that he is headed on an express bus to the Upper Room cause that man telling ERRY secret that he was sposed to take to the grave!


The people and places of Austin.

Oh Snap!…My Alien Children are Trying to Kill Me!

Zell Miller, III, one one of Austin’s most prolific artists, presents Oh Snap!… My Alien Children are Trying to Kill Me, the final play in his trilogy about the real life joys, challenges and discoveries of raising black children.