New Comedic Web Series Tackles Dating, Friendship, and the Black Experience in Austin

The Electrics is a new, romantic comedy web series following four 20-somethings as they navigate life in Austin, Texas. Creator Ashlee Harris shared that she wanted to tell a story about the Black experience in Austin.

She said, “Austin is often called one of the greatest U.S. cities to live in. And while there are many things to love about this city, it lacks in a few areas, most notably in its diversity.”

The Black population in Austin has remained around 8 percent. This is much smaller compared to the populations of other Texas cities, such as Houston and Dallas.

Harris went on to share, “If you look at Austin from the eyes of the Black community, it’s both a place full of opportunity, beautiful landscapes, festivals, things to do…but for us, that also comes with microaggressions, gentrification, faux liberalism, and systemic racism that some people here choose to deny or overlook.”

She continues, “But for all those reasons, Austin made for an incredibly unique place to tell this story. Imagine trying to navigate all that comes with being Black in America, and still look for love, juggle friendships and family, grow your career, and everything else that comes with adulthood. That’s what the series is all about.”

The Story

It’s romance, drama, comedy, and struggle all wrapped into one. Harris shared that she wants each episode to touch on topics that warrant a larger discussion. From interracial dating to the student loan crisis to Black women’s hair in corporate America to “sugar daddies,” the show will leave no stone unturned.

The Electrics follows Lucky, a young, impulsive Black woman looking for love in a predominantly White city. Her world is turned upside down when she’s electrocuted by lightning and gains a new gift: the ability to read minds. Only, she discovers, it’s only other Black people’s thoughts she can hear.

The story is a spotlight on dating today and how challenging and hilarious of a process it can sometimes be. It’s a look at what it mea犀利士
ns to mature through your twenties and find out who you really are. The story also uses a supernatural ability to explain something seemingly unexplainable: the deep, almost telepathic type of connection and understanding had among people of color in America.

Building Community

Representation and community support have been an essential part of the vision for this production. The series features an all-Black, leading cast and 80 percent Black and Brown crew. The music for the pilot was produced, written, and performed by Black music artists at a Black-owned studio. The pilot also contracted with various Austin Black and Brown caterers, venues, and businesses.

Fundraising for the Series

The first episode will premiere on Feb. 1 at The Drip Party immersive experience. Then, the producers will be kicking off their fundraising campaign. Donations will help support production for the rest of the episodes within Season 1. Funds help cover cast and crew rates, on-set catering, music production, props, location rentals, equipment rentals and more.  The first episode will be available online after the larger fundraiser campaign kicks off.

Be sure to follow The Electrics on social media @theelectricsseries, and grab a ticket to the premiere party.


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