SPOILER ALERTS all up and through this review. You've been warned.

I was trying to think of a profound title, but this is all I got.  I swear that big-head-slow -learners-class drunk-off-of-lean-arse boy got dumber over the break.  Let’s get into this review so I can get back to work at my paying job.  Because for all 27 of y’all that read this blog, ain’t nobody started a GOFUNDME to get none of my bills paid, but I digress.

They called this one “Everyone is Implicated” but they could have called it Tariq still dumb and Angela still committing felonies because she still loves James St. Patrick.  I ain’t that mad at Angela though because Ghost IS fine.  I would get put on probation or something behind him too so I would have done just what Angela did – deleted them records like a G.

We finally got to attend Raina’s funeral which that dirty councilman (played by Larenz Tate) had turned into an episode of Love and Hip Hop, bringing in media and cameras and whatnots.  And a church full of foke Tasha nem ain’t know.  Ain’t nothing worse than having a bunch of people at the repast, and you got 3 buckets of chicken.  And then had the nerve to tell Tommy “you can’t sit with us”.  But that was okay, because Tommy sat on the next pew and held Keisha’s hand (that was sweet, cuz y’all know that thane (Tommy) is a killer).

Ghost jacked up Tariq before the funeral trying to get information and telling Tariq that he was the reason Raina was dead.  He should have gotten an extension cord and confronted Tariq with that.  I swear that boy needs a James Evans’ from Good Times beating.

Tasha still out here trying to save Tariq behind Ray Ray’s murder, so she got with Angela trying to get her to cover up sheeit and hide evidence.  Angela was hesitant at first, but Tasha told her that she pretty much owed it to her since she tore Tasha’s family apart.  Of course, Angela deleted the record from her computer.  But she logged in as someone else.  Because who cares about an IP address?  Especially when your colleagues are looking at you funny anyway because they know you are hiding something.  I guess the wife and the side chick CAN work together if it’s for the children.  Outside of that, I ain’t got nothing for a side chick but these hands.

Tasha also asked Keisha to lie for her and tell the cops that she and Tariq were home all night if someone comes around asking.  I swear Keisha gon’ get killed aiding and abetting.  The operative word in ride or die is DIE.  Keisha needs new friends.  Some that are not criminals.

There were some good one-liners last night:  Ghost:  “Kanan, how we know we can trust you, man?”  Kanan:  “You set me on fire, ninja, not the other way around…”  and  Father Kyle’s Hitta:  “He was the only good white guy I ever met….”  (White) Tommy:  “Me too…”  Chile I hollered!

And of course, the episode was all about trying to kill Dre.  I swear this thane got 9 lives like a damn cat!  Dre even killed a priest.  A priest who sold drugs but a priest nevertheless.  Y’all KNOW that thane need to be sent express bus to glory.   Kanan, Ghost and Tommy went to the warehouse to get Dre.  But it was a set up.  Ghost ended up getting shot.  Thankfully, Kanan drove his car into the warehouse to save Ghost and Tommy because Tommy showed up to a gunfight with a gun with bout 4 bullets that he needed to reload after every second shot.

Tommy decided to bring in some white hittas (Teresi’s men) to get Dre because Dre wouldn’t be expecting that.  He then proceeded to hire the WORST hittas ever.  Tariq found out that they were gonna get Dre at Raina’s funeral (where his slow arse gave the worst eulogy ever and I kept wondering why they didn’t let Raina’s sister (who made an appearance…I forgot about her til Tasha said she used to have three living kids) speak over her dead sister.  I know she ain’t but five,  but she is a lot smarter than Tariq and didn’t cause her sister’s death.  Can I also mention they must have had a small budget for Raina’s funeral cuz she had a toddler-sized casket and 2 pallbearers.  Wasn’t she like 15?)  Tariq ran to the bathroom and sent a text to Dre telling him to run.

Dre did just that and got away from his would-be killers only to run into Tommy’s hittas.  They snatched his arse up in a white sheet and proceeded to unroll duct tape from the tape roll to tape him up.  Nope.  They didn’t knock Dre’s arse out.  Nope.  They didn’t chloroform his arse.  Nope.  They didn’t check him for a gun.  Yep…you know what happened.  Dre shot they arses from up under that sheet and got outta there.  Again, THE. WORST. HITTAS. ever.  Silver’s dry face arse coulda done a better job!

Ghost went to Raina’s grave site at the cemetery to tell her he was sorry.  Dre rolled up on him (complete with Ghost-like hoodie) and punked Ghost arse again telling him to stay in his lane and stop trying to kill him or he was gonna kill his whole family, including that lil girl we keep forgetting they have.  He left Ghost with an Uno card – the draw four…or was it the Big Joker (those kill cards the Jimenez family uses when they take somebody out).  He also left the same cards for Tommy and Kanan, letting them know he has the support of the Jimenez and if they don’t leave Dre alone, the Jimenez cartel gon’ lullaby all they arses to sleep.

All in all, it was a good premiere BUT Dre and Tariq are both still alive, and Julio and Raina are both still dead, so there’s that.  Follow me on Facebook and Twitter (SoShaydee) where I got something to say about EVERYTHANG.  You will definitely be entertained!


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