SoShaydee: You Ain’t Got the Answers Steve!

So this is my issue with the meeting #Trump had with #SteveHarvey: If Trump is TRULY sincere about not ignoring Black foke and making amends for his past discrimination and the whole birther thing against President Obama AND fixing the inner cities and address Black people’s problems, WHY is he arranging meetings with Black comedians, boxing promoters, athletes and rappers? Why not have a meeting with current/past Black mayors, Black City Councilmen, Black police chiefs, Black urban planners, etc.?

What qualifications Steve Harvey got in the area of urban planning and revitalization? What has Steve Harvey ever done for inner cities? Not to take away from the mentoring program he says he has, but what is that going to do to fix the inner cities? And then to add insult to injury..he appoints the Black neurosurgeon not as Surgeon General but as the Secretary of HUD because he used to live in the projects when he was 8. Under that reasoning, I guess if JJ Evans nem from Good Times were real people they would have positions at HUD. Hayle, Bookman would be a lot more qualified to head that department than Ben Carson.

I also notice he always seems to have cameras around so he can take selfies with Black celebrities…but never wants the media around when they press his arse on his tax returns…or his dealings with Russia. What’s next? Inviting Chris Brown to a meeting on international matters in Africa because he once performed there? I’m trying to do a ‘wait and see’ but if Donald Trump REALLY cared about reaching out to Black foke, he wouldn’t have pushed for the appeal of the ACA cuz it’s got ‘that Black man’s’ name attached to it. And he damn sure wouldn’t have nominated Jeff Sessions (with his history of racism) as Attorney General.

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