Abominable Review

Fellow movie-goers: Beautiful movie, with a lot of heart.

Here’s the premise:  Yi (Chloe Bennet), a young girl mourning the loss of her dad, discovers a Yeti that has escaped the clutches of an eccentric old man (Eddie Izzard). Her and her friends go on an adventure to get the Yeti home, while being chased by the old man and his cronies.

What a beautiful movie, in so many ways, the story is filled with heart and a few lessons that we all need in today’s world; and the movie is just a total work of art, real eye candy. For starters, the script is fantastic, giving the audience the old time Disney feel of loss, love, and the courage to move on; writer/Director Jill Culton does a great job handling a touchy subject with style and finesse. The animation itself is enough to want to see the movie, a gorgeous work of art that will be appealing for adults and kids. The combination of the breathtaking scenery plus the scenes that allow the artist the creative license because of the magic that comes from the Yeti is worth the price of admission alone.

The entire cast does a great job, and I absolutely geeked out because of one of my favorites, Eddie Izzard, giving a voice to the eccentric bad guy, Mr. Burmish. It is nice to see him in some major roles, this plus the Dark Crystal series is enough to make any Eddie Izzard fan rejoice. Sarah Paulson also does a great job as the right hand of Mr. Burmish, she is fastly becoming another one of my favorites.

Abominable is a film you can take the whole family to, and it guarantee you, it will stick with you for a while. I highly recommend Abominable, go see it, you will not be sorry.    

Russell Lockhart


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