Sing 2 Review

Fellow movie-goers: Great follow-up with a wonderful lesson for the little ones.

Here’s the premise: With success at a local theater, Buster and his crew set off for the big city to produce and perform a show for Bigshot Jimmy Crystal (Bobby Cannavale). After conning his way into an audition, Buster claims their new show will feature the return of reclusive Rock Icon Clay Calloway (Bono); who has been a recluse for the past fifteen years. Buster and friends work to get the show going while trying to snag Clay Calloway.

As sequels go, they rarely are as good as the original, much less, surpass it; SING 2 does exactly that, it takes the original movie and opens it up to a wider adventure. Brining on new characters like Bono as Clay Calloway and Bobby Cannavale as Jimmy Crystal is genius, both bring in a new dimension to the mix and shows the pitfalls of fame, also good lessons. While the first SING teaches us to step out and use our talents, the sequel teaches us to follow our dreams; this is an important lesson for our kids, especially now days.

What I love about movies like this, is that it is just as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids. Added to that sentiment, this is a fantastic movie to take your kids to and open up a dialog about dreaming big and chasing those dreams. This is a great way to lift up our youth and enjoy a great family film at the same time.

Russell Lockhart


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